AniMattify® is your NEW Print to Video Animation Conversion Service.

Just give us your Artworks or Photos and let our team create a professional Video Animation for your PROMOTIONAL AD, LOGO, and GIF — that will capture your customer’s attention and ultimately, get better brand recognition and sales!

Our Mission:

To deliver exceptional animated videos at a cost-effective price that will help business owners, speakers and vloggers grow and reach new heights.

AniMattify® your way to SUCCESS!

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3 Easy Steps

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Send us your artwork/design preferably a layered file in PSD or illustrator format. We also accept Photos in Jpeg format with an additional fee.

Animation Conversion

Sit back and relax. Let our seasoned and passionate AniMattify® Team animate your Ad.


Congratulations! your print ad is now AniMattified®! You can now post your animation and create more engagements and lasting impressions.

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``AniMattify’s work is an example of how smooth, collaborative processes bring great results, and how this can be accessible to small and medium businesses at more affordable costs without compromising quality. Matt says that since high school, he wanted to become a business owner to create more jobs, as he knows it’s a way to help people make their livelihoods.
Starting this business at 24 years old, he experienced an entrepreneur’s struggles firsthand, which led him to his purpose: he wanted to help MSME businesses grow and reach their potential with his MSME Love Program, providing high quality services at lower rates. With more accessible online channels like social media opening new ways to market on a budget, Matt wants to provide commercial-like quality to their promotional ads on these channels.
He also hopes that in doing so, he not only uplifts local businesses but also the local animation industry as well, which is filled with skill and talent capable of achieving global fame.
I admire Matt and his work ethic, and how his love for his animation craft led him to creating an all new business for his own goals, which match mine. If you are interested in his work, feel free to visit his website at!``

Joisah Go - marketing guru, chairman and chief innovation strategist of Mansmith and Fielders, Inc
Joisah Go - marketing guru, chairman and chief innovation strategist of Mansmith and Fielders, Inc